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December 22 2008 Live Members Only show scheduled for Christmas Day!

December 21 2008 New photo galleries added for all sites

December 20 2008 My Playboy radio interview breaks all-time record for listeners!

December 18 2008 New banners added to promo tools

December 15 2008 New photo and video content added to promo tools

December 13 2008 New video galleries added for Strapon site

December 12 2008 New photo galleries added for Strapon site

December 10 2008 New tour finished and temp tour replaced!

December 7 2008 New Flash video galleries added for all sites

December 5 2008 New Photo galleries added for all sites!

December 3 2008 new live show network added for even better retention!

December 1 2008 I am now officially the Booble Girl for November! Thank you to everyone who voted for me!

November 30 2008 Live Voyeur Cams up & running in my house now available for affiliates with membership sites as free plugin content! Email me for info!

November 28 2008 New banners & promo photo sets & videos added to the promo tools! Check them out! New galleries added for &

November 25 2008 New galleries added for all sites & new direct link codes added!

November 24 2008 New galleries added of me & Puma Swede strapon embedded flash videos!

November 21 2008 Live voyeur cameras added to my house for members! Great retention tool!

November 19 2008 galleries added for all sites!

November 16 2008 Stats for 2nd week of new tour are in and overwhelming! Conversions increased by 17%!

November 13 2008 New server setup completed! Waaay faster page loads!

November 10 2008 New galleries for Mariah sites

November 6 2008 Home from LA and back to work on New Site! Hope to have it ready for you by next month!

November 4 2008 Election Day! Go Vote!

November 2 2008 Beta testing for new tour blowing away expectations and new tour added for affiliates as default!

November 2 2008 Shooting more content before going back home!

October 31 2008 Happy Halloween!

October 30 2008 Videos & Photos with Sandee Westgate! Very hot! Galleries coming soon!

October 29 2008 Live show with Puma Swede for members!

October 25 2008 Shot exclusive strapon with Puma Swede!

October 25 2008 New galleries for Mariah sites

October 25 2008 New galleries for Mariah sites & strapon site!

October 22 2008 Beginning new tour design Beta!

October 18 2008 New Tour Page specific linking available! Link directly to the videos or photo or live cam page to make your marketing more niche specific!

October 16 2008 New link codes now available without having to login to the EPOCH admin! Click the links button above!

October 13 2008 NewWord press Blog being worked and will be ready for affiliates by Nov 1!

October 11 2008 New flash embedded video galleries added!

October 7 2008 New flash embedded video galleries added!

October 7 2008 New galleries & new flash embedded video galleries added!

October 4 2008 Over 45 Videos added as content & Porn Star galleries added!

October 1 2008 New Galleries added for Mariah Site

September 28 2008 New Galleries added for all sites

September 26 2008 New Galleries added for all sites & New Members area upgrades

September 22 2008 New Galleries added for Mariah & Strapon Site

September 18 2008 New Galleries added for all sites

September 15 2008 New galleries and more than 300 full-length videos added as content!

September 13 2008 Flash embedded galleries added

September 11 2008 New flash embedded galleries added

September 9 2008 New galleries added

September 6 2008 New galleries added

September 3 2008 Return home from LA with 11 hours of brand new content!

September 1 2008 New Mariah Galleries added

August 28 2008 New galleries added for all sites!

August 25 2008 Exclusive content shot for strapon site!

August 22 2008 New Strapon Galleries added!

August 19 2008 New galleries added!

August 17 2008 Redesign of Strap On site launched and sales increased by 65% within first 48 hours!

August 15 2008 New Galleries added

August 13 2008 New Galleries added

August 11 2008 New Galleries added

August 10 2008 New Galleries added

August 9 2008 New Galleries added

August 7 2008 new galleries added!

August 3 2008 Home from LA finally with tons of content!

July 31 2008 new galleries added for all sites!

July 24 2008 Shooting new strapon content today and will be really hot!

July 20 2008 Back to LA to shoot more content! New Galleries added for all sites too! :)

July 16 2008 New galleries added for Mariah sites

July 13 2008 Best sales week ever for affiliates! Converted 1in 213 with record sales!

July 10 2008 New Galleries Added for all sites

July 8 2008 Shot new content for strapon site with Rio!

July 4 2008 Happy 4th of July!

July 3 2008 Going Home with 9 new exclusive videos! :)

June 29 2008 Galleries added for Strapon site

June 26 2008 New Galleries added for Mariah sites

June 22 2008 New Galleries added for all sites

June 18 2008 Headed to LA to shoot brand new exclusive content!

June 17 2008 Brand New Video-On-Demand/Clip Store site submitted for Visa approval

June 16 2008 Galleries added for all sites!

June 12 2008 New Galleries added

June 9 2008 New Galleries added

June 2 2008 Exlcusive shoots in Miami means new content coming soon!

May 26 2008 New excluive content galleries added and niche content

May 18 2008 New Galleries added for FWAS, &

May 10 2008 New promo content added

May 3 2008 New Galleries Added for all sites!

April 30 2008 New Site added

April 26 2008 New Galleries Added!

April 21 2008 New Galleries Added for FWAS & sites!

April 16 2008 New Galleries Added!

April 13 2008 New Promo Content Added! New Video Clips & Photo Sets!

April 11 2008 28 Hosted Galleries added!

April 8 2008 30 Hosted Galleries added!

April 5 2008 No longer accepting CCBill affiliate signups! Epoch Only from now on!

April 4 2008 Epoch Program first affiliate signup! Galleries being integrated into new system!

April 2 2008 New Hosted Galleries Added

March 29 2008 New Strapon gallery added of me with Lisa Daniels & Kayla Paige fucking!

March 28 2008 affiliate links are up! Get your links up!

March 23 2008 Brand new redesign completed & affiliate linking begins!

March 20 2008 Final contract with Epoch approved & new affiliate program with cascading billing with Epoch & CCBill nearly ready for signups!

March 16 2008 New Hosted Galleries Added!

March 13 2008 New Hosted Galleries added!

March 7 2008 Search Engine Optimization completed & implemented into all tours & TGP Pages!

March 6 2008 redesign completed & available for affiliates! Conversions are through the roof!

February 5 - March 4 Out of town shooting content!

February 2 2008 Mariah Milano Tour Redesign complete & avaialble to members! After testing it shows to be great at bookmarks as well as conversions!

January 29 2008 -New Tour Design for MariahxXx & is converting better than ever before!

January 22 2008 -New Update Tour Design for converting like crazy!

January 18 2008- New Hosted Gallery page added with thumbnails & descriptions!

January 15 2008- I just added 25 Free Hosted Galleries this morning!

January 12 2008 -Bonus PornStar Content added to members area! Over 90 videos & 1500 Photos!

January 9 2008 -All-new live webcam shows started again with upgraded video & audio to keep retention up!

January 7 2008 -Working on new tours for MariahxXx & Mariah Milano!

January 4 2008 -New Free Hosted Galleries Added!

January 1 2008 Happy New Year!

December 31 2007 -My Birthday & I added new Free Hosted Galleries!

December 28 2007 -15 new free hosted galleries added today!

December 25 2007 Merry xXxMas!

December 21 2007 -Sent members xXxMas cards out! I Love my members & wanna keep them coming back for more Mariah!

December 18 2007 -returned from LA after 14 days of shooting! Some hot new content coming very soon for galleries & new tours!

December 14 2007 -Started shooting today for my upcoming new reality site! Wait til you see this!

December 12 2007 -Shooting for my site today & laying out design for the new tours!

December 8 2007 -Meeting with some talent for exclusive shoots Im planning for this week in LA!

December 4 2007 -Just got to LA & will be here for the next 15 days shooting movies for other producers & also shooting my own content for my new sites! :)

December 1 2007 -Adding Members only shows every week for even better member retention!

November 30 2007 -Added HouseCamz Voyeur feeds for members! great retention tool already!

November 27 2007 -Added all of the archive videos of my private 1-on-1 live shows for members!

November 22 2007 -Got the Content Management System all finished & it's working perfectly! members are emailing with great feedback!

November 18 2007 -Installing & setting up new Content Management System for my members area to keep everything organized & members even happier!

November 15 2007 -12 New Free Hosted Galleries added today!

November 11 2007 -5 video Galleries & 10 Photo Galleries added today!

November 8 2007 -Exclusive Content added to the promo tools for affiliates to use for marketing!

November 5 2007 -Shooting content for my site & will have it for affiliates this week!

November 1 2007 -15 new free hosted galleries added today! Hot new video galleries & exclusive photos for promo! New Tour! New Redesign 12/10/08

My first site & most established Site online! Members get access to all of my content & live shows with their memberships & the retention has been amazing over the last year! I have added to this site constantly and there have been dozens of tours as I've learned to do design a little better & I am constantly keeping it fresh with new looks & layouts & updated content on the tour!

I created this recent version based 100% on member feedback from the last 3 years & the response has been overwhelming! The conversions increased by 22% in the first month & has gotten better every month. This is my flagship site & my most versitile for all types of traffic! This tour is my best converting of all-time!

*Oct 2008 Conv Ratio 1-409
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Upon my return to the Adult Film Industry I began using a last name as there have been a few other girls using Mariah as a first name & I wanted to make certain that there was no confusing me with anyone else again! This is my PornStar Site with the very popular update theme! I use a streaming flash video for all of my most recent updates which is a great tool for grabbing the attention of the surfer & getting them interested in seeing more of what I have to offer. Once they begin the task of looking around they realize that I have plenty to offer them & that I'm a very hands-on site owner & not just a model who's sites are run by a webmaster somewhere! A great converting tour with a tremendous search engine presence!
Oct 2008 Conv Ratio 1-138
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if the name isn't a pretty clear indication of what this site is about then I'll go ahead & elaborate a little more for you! I have some of the hottest strapon videos you have ever seen, I guarantee! So while I was organizing my content I realized I have enough for a seperate site & that would also give me an excuse to violate some young hotties with my strapon & continue to add to my strapon video collection! Of course this content will tie in with the site & as always those who join this site will have access to the MariahxXx site & all of my content as well! This is one of the most underproduced types of content but has a huge demand by prospective customers! Get your links up now!)) *** New redesign has improved load times & Click-thrus a Ton!
Oct 2008 Conv Ratio 1-88
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My newest site is now up and making sales like CRAZY! The biggest names in the Adult Film Industry are featured here in streaming & downloadable videos and hundreds of photo sets and even some of them doing live webcam shows! I have personally selected pornstars that I know and many I have worked with and some I am great friends with too! :) I have my selected top 25 featured here with a very streamilined tour that gets the surfer to join the page in no time at all but with a raging hard-on and a pretty good idea that whats inside is going to take good care of that bulge in his pants! So get your links up today and have these famous Pornstars Make you money! Fast loading tour pages & streaming sample videos too!
Oct 2008 Conv Ratio 1-293
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The Video on Demand business has been booming and I decided to stop paying out 40 to 50% for someone else and make my own VOD site that will payout affiliates 60% of all sales! There will be Downloads on Demand as well as streaming and per minute billing so the sale won't be lost!

The tour is still under consctruction but you can check it out and see how it's coming along and the serious potential that this site has for making all of us some $$$ The launch date is projected to be January 2009 with over 400 videos available on day 1 for srufers to browse! I am currently making Trailers and converting videos to flv format & hope to have eveything ready for testing by December 20 2008!

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My newest site & still in production! This site will feature 100% exclusive content shot by me! I will be doing exactly what the name says, seducing everyday people into doing their first hardcore video! I havent decided if it will be girl girl or also include guys too, but there's a really good chance it will feature both! :) As of now I'm leaning towards finding hot young girls and fucking them with my strapon & turning them into porn whores for the rest of the world! I might even dable in finding some young couples & talking them into letting me film them fucking! Of course I'll do more than hold the camera before it's a wrap! Stay Tuned for this one!
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